Week 2- August 24, 2015

Cognate Words

Cognate words are Spanish words that look like English words and have the same or similar meaning. Ending of words in Spanish that can be replaced to help us recognize some cognate words, in both English and Spanish.

Example: sociedad = society

Comunicación = communication

You can also refer to this link to learn more about cognate words: http://www.linguasorb.com/spanish/cognates/



We will learn and practice different types of greetings:

  • Time
  • Formal and Informal greetings
  • Greetings to introduce ourselves
  • Greetings to get information from another person
  • Expressions to say good bye.

We also learn how to access the website and explore the different tabs. we look at some of the videos and play on quizlet. We had a blast! Keep using the website.



We learned the numbers from 0-100 in Spanish, the rules for counting and spelling.