Week 7 – September 28, 2015


We worked on workbook pages 13-30. They must be turned in!

Review for test Unit 1B  Como eres? ** TEST TOMORROW**


Test Unit 1B

We learned about Fernando Botero, famous Columbian painter.


We discuss about the Hola Festival!

Hola Festival!

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Fernando Botero Paintings

La Mona Lisa Still-Life-With-Lamp-And-Bottle the-hunter-1


Schools in Latin America

schools in LA

Classes in Latin American schools are also structured very differently than those in the United States. Most students in Latin American schools, whether they are public or private, wear uniform.   Private Catholic schools are common in Latin America.


Continue with discussion about Latin American schools. (Page 86 in textbook)

Muy  versus  Mucho

  • Muy + adjective  =  El chico es muy sociable
  • Muy + adverb =       El canta muy bien
  • Muchos/Muchos
  • Muchas/Muchas         + subject/ noun  =  Hay muchos estudiantes en la clase.
  •                                                                        =   Jose baila mucha salsa.
  • Mucho + verb  =   El corre mucho



Subject Pronouns

The subject pronouns replace people’s names.

Subject Pronouns (Singular)

  • Yo                                                   I                       
  • Tú                                                   You (informal)
  • Usted (Ud.)                                 You (formal)
  • Él                                                    He 
  • Ella                                                 She


Subject Pronouns (Plural)

  • Nosotros                                          We (Males)
  • Nosotras                                          We (Females)
  • Vosotros                                          You All (Formal and Informal)
  • Vosotras                                          You All (Formal and Informal)
  • Ustedes (Uds.)                              You All (Formal)               
  • Ellos                                                  They (Males)
  • Ellas                                                  They (Females)